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The Indian Ornithology Reading Room was born out of a chance sighting of Major General H.P.W. Hutson’s The Birds About Delhi (1954), at Blossoms second-hand bookstore in Bangalore.

The growing collection features works by British and Indian Ornithologists who, for more than a century, have given literary and visual form to feathered observations in the subcontinent.

* All Urbs Indis material is accessible by appointment at the Urban Design Research Institute Library in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. 

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Galleries: Delhi Birds

Indian Bird Life: A Book for Bird Study

M.N. Holmer

1923 (First Edition)

Inscription: “S.M. Edwards, Rawalpindi, 20/8/23”

Nurseries of Heaven


1946 (Second Edition)

Inscription: “Anjuman Scout Group 17th East Bombay, Scout Library, Anjuman-I-Islam High School Bombay – 1”

The Birds of Delhi and District, Reference List

Compiled from Sir N.F. Frome’s Notes and Notes by Mr. H.G. Alexander

1950 (First Edition)

The Birds About Delhi

Major General H.P.W. Hutson

1954 (First Edition)

Dust Jacket: Poor condition
Provenance: Blossoms Bookstore of Bangalore, India

Common Birds

Salim Ali and Laeeq Futehally

1967 (First Edition)

Provenance: Flora Fountain Footpath Booksellers, Mumbai

What’s that bird?

A guide to birdwatching, with special reference to Delhi


1991 (First Edition)

The Book of Indian Birds

Salim Ali

1993 (Eleventh Edition)

Inscription: “Prateek Patel”
Provenance: Flora Fountain Footpath Booksellers, Mumbai

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