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The Kinetic City Reading Room, inspired by the research of Rahul Mehrotra (Founder Principal of RMA Architects), features books, pamphlets, and reports visually documenting the fluid use of Mumbai’s public spaces since the late 19th Century.

* All Urbs Indis material is accessible by appointment at the Urban Design Research Institute Library in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. 

*Digitization inquiries will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Please write to [email protected]

Report of the Bombay Plague Committee

Sir James MacNabb Campbell

1898 (First Edition)

Bookplate: Glasgow University Library “For Consultation Only”
Inscription: Stamp “Withdrawn from GUL”
Kinetic Quality: Plan drawings illustrating temporary health camps and hospitals established on open grounds during the Plague.

Transactions of the Bombay Medical Congress, 1909

Edited by William Ernest Jennings

1909 (First Edition)

Kinetic Quality: Descriptive plan drawing of exhibition and shows as constructed on the Oval Maidan – including photographs various temporary buidlings.

The 5H Fete

Nursing Associations and Hospitals

February 1928 (First Edition)

Kinetic Quality: Plan drawing illustrating temporary layout on the Cooperage for H.H.H.H.H. Week, inclusive of such spaces as “English Village, Oyster Bar, Boxing and Westling, House of Marvels and Wonders, and more….

XXXVIII International Eucharistic Congress

Pictoral Souvenir

Edited by Simon Pereira

1965 (First Edition)

Kinetic Quality: Photographs (including construction photographs) and drawings illustrating the transformation of Oval Maidan into India’s largest open air cathedral during the Pope’s visit in late 1964.

Urbs Indis is an urban aerial photography studio and archival library founded by Mumbai based architect and artist Robert D Stephens (RMA Architects). Since 2007 he has been documenting urban India from 10,000 feet above sea level, in black and white as well as colour photography.

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