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The Madras Reading Room is a gallery of reminisce, vignettes of times past in the South Indian coastal city. J. Talboys Wheller’s 1861 Madras in the Olden Time (1639 – 1727) opens the collection, establishing a historical-time-context over which the city has evolved. Both volumes feature the book plate of Alexander Tottenham (Diwan of Pudukkottai), an exquisite example of the miniature art of personalization rarely seen in 21st Century book culture.

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Galleries: Madras Transit

Madras in the Olden Time 1639-1702, 1702-1727

J.Talboys Wheller

1861 (First Edition)

Inscription: “R.B. Loftus Tottenham, Madras 1905”
Bookplate: Ad Astra Sequor – Alexander Robert Loftus Tottenham Esquire.(former Diwan of Pudukkottai)

Memories of Madras

Charles Lawson

1905 (First Edition)

Inscription: “Glenrock, 14th May 1908, Southcliff, Niton, United Kingdom”

Madras, The Official Handbook of the Corporation of Madras

F.E. James (Editor)

1933 (First Edition)

Inscription: “G.G.J. Sanders, Aug. 33”

A City in Transition

Studies in the Social Life of Madras

C.W. Ranson

1938 (First Edition)

Dust Jacket: Fair condition

The Madras Tercentenary Commemoration Volume

Madras Tercentenary Celebration Committee

4 August 1939 (First Edition)

Inscription: “R.N. Aunjer”
Provenance: Blossoms Bookstore of Bangalore, India

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