Reading Room

The Mumbai Reading Room is the seminal collection within the Urbs Indis Library.

Acquired from a variety of sources – ranging from informal sidewalk booksellers at Mumbai’s Flora Fountain to the world’s oldest used bookstores in Europe – the collection features diverse topics ranging from infrastructure and engineering to social issues and disease.

* All Urbs Indis material is accessible by appointment at the Urban Design Research Institute Library in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. 

*Digitization inquiries will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Please write to [email protected]

Supply of Water to Bombay

H. Green, Compiler and Editor

1854 (First Edition)

Inscription: “H. Scott”

Reasons Why the Baroda Goods Terminus Should Not be at Colaba

Thomas Ormiston

1867 (First Edition)

Inscription: “Thomas Ormiston, Bombay”

Electric Railway Memorandum

Sir Walter Hughes

1907 (First Edition)

Inscription: “With the compliments of Sir Walter Hughes”

Reflections on Plague and Methods of Checking it

(With Letters to the Press)

Pestonjee M. Kanga

1907 (First Edition)

Book Plate: Library of the American Museum of Natural History
Inscription: “A.M.N.H. CANCELLED” and “The Oriental Review, with complements of Pestonjee M. Kanga.”

The Charm of Bombay

R.P. Karkaria

1915 (First Edition)

Detail: Gilt text on spine
Bookplate: William Menzies

The Bombay Architectural Association Year Book

Multiple Contributors

1924 (First Edition)

Maintenance Dredging in Bombay Harbour and Docks, and Upkeep of the Navigational Lighting of the Port

Eric Launcelot Everatt

1926 (First Edition)

Inscription: Cover signature “W. Themillan”

The Immediate Abolition of Vice Areas in Bombay

Bombay Vigilance Association

1928 (First Edition)

Inscription: Cover Signature “Please return to Miss Nirlams”

Bombay Today and Tomorrow

Ed. Clifford Manshardt

1930 (First Edition)

Bookplate: Hammond Library of the Chicago Theological Seminary, Gift from C. Manshardt, Ac. 31507

Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne

John Burnell

1933 (First Edition)

The Port of Bombay

W.R.S. Sharpe

1930’s (First Edition)

Inscription: “Finch Carle, 1977”

The Afghan War Memorial Church and Historical Notes on Colaba

A.J. Nix Seaman

1938 (First Edition)

Development Plan for Mandavi & Elphinstone

Government of Bombay

1954 (First Edition)

Inscription: “15 J” Dust Jacket: Hand-made, fair condition

The Gazetteer of Bombay City and Island, Volume I

S.M. Edwardes

1977 (Facsimile Reproduction of 1909 edition)

Inscription: Stamp of “H.V. Gala, Advocate High Court, Fort, Bombay 1”
Dust Jacket: Poor condition

Urbs Indis is an urban aerial photography studio and archival library founded by Mumbai based architect and artist Robert D Stephens (RMA Architects). Since 2007 he has been documenting urban India from 10,000 feet above sea level, in black and white as well as colour photography.

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