Patrick Geddes
Reading Room

The Patrick Geddes Reading Room constitutes one of the most complete collections of published material by (and about) the Scottish polymath, in India.

Additional handwritten manuscripts by Geddes, primarily unpublished correspondence and reports on cities in the Bombay Presidency, are accessible at the Maharashtra State Archives in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. The Patrick Geddes Papers at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, is the largest Geddes archive worldwide.

* All Urbs Indis material is accessible by appointment at the Urban Design Research Institute Library in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. 

*Digitization inquiries will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Please write to [email protected]

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On the Mechanism of the Odontophore in certain Mollusca

Patrick Geddes

1878 (First Edition)

Provenance: Dr. Carsten Renker of Harxheim, Germany

John Ruskin: Economist

Patrick Geddes

1884 (First Edition)

Provenance: Herbert Barrott of Gorebridge, United Kingdom
Inscription: “With the Publisher’s Compliments”

The Evolution of Sex

Patrick Geddes and J. Arthur Thomson

1889 (First Edition)

Provenance: Cambridge  Rare Books, United Kingdom

Chapters in Modern Botany

Patrick Geddes

1893 (First Edition)

Provenance: Great Expectations Rare Books

City Development

A Study of Parks, Gardens, and Culture-Institutes

Patrick Geddes

1904 (First Edition)

Provenance: Yarran Jenkins of Brisbane, Australia
Inscription: “Vernon E. White, 12.7.34”

The Coming Polity

A Study in Reconstruction

Patrick Geddes and Victor Branford

1917 (First Edition)

Provenance: Charles Leakey of Inverness, Scotland
Inscription: “Review Copy”

The Life and Work of Sir Jagadis C. Bose

Patrick Geddes

1920 (First Edition)

Provenance: Geoff Kinderman of East Sussex, United Kingdom

The Interpreter Geddes

The Man and His Gospel

Amelia Defries

1928 (First Edition)

Inscription: “Fiona Valentino 31”

Patrick Geddes

Maker of the Future

Philip Boardman

1944 (First Edition)

Provenance: Chicago Public Library
Inscription: “Discard”

Patrick Geddes in India

Jacqueline Tyrwhitt (Ed.)

1947 (First Edition)

Provenance: Edinburgh University Library, Scotland
Inscription: “Cancelled”

Pioneer of Sociology

The Life and Letters of Patrick Geddes

Philip Mairet

1957 (First Edition)

Provenance: Kansas State College of Pittsburg
Inscription: “Withdrawn”

Cities in Evolution

Patrick Geddes

1971 (Fourth Edition)

Provenance: Chicago Public Library
Inscription: “Discard”

Patrick Geddes: Spokesman for Man and the Environment

Marshall Stalley (Ed.)

1972 (First Edition)

Provenance: Ball State University, Indiana, USA
Inscription: “Withdrawn”

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